Top Ten Businesses Anyone, Anywhere Can Start And Accept Cryptocurrencies.


The topic of cryptocurrency mass adoption is a topic that will continually be talked about for years to come. What is mass adoption? Why mass adoption? When will cryptocurrencies achieve mass adoption? This is only but a few questions that are being asked whenever the topic of mass adoption in cryptocurrency is brought up. However, we all have our own opinion on what we think the mass adoption of cryptocurrency really is. Some may agree that cryptocurrency will achieve mass adoption when multinationals like Amazon begin accepting payments in cryptocurrency, or when our local banks begin accepting customer deposits in cryptocurrencies, or when we can pay our bills in cryptocurrencies. We all (well not literally) crave for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies but fail to ask the question, does cryptocurrency really need mass adoption? They say “Less Is More”, but does this also imply to the adoption of cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrency as we know it, is built around the ideology of decentralisation; meaning cannot be controlled by any single entity. As such, cryptocurrencies MAY never achieve the amount of adoption we look out for. This is because government around the world wants one thing and one thing alone, CONTROL. Control over drugs, control in and around their borders, control over drugs, control over guns, control over finance etc. As earlier mentioned, cryptocurrency on the other hand cannot be controlled (or extremely difficult to control) by any single entity. As such, the battle between the government and cryptocurrency will continue for years to come as long as the government does not have any control or at least a reasonable amount of control over cryptocurrencies. For mass adoption to be achieved, there are a few things the government and its citizens/residents need to do. The government needs to have, to a reasonable extent, some control over cryptocurrencies. Let’s be honest for a second, cryptocurrencies are just a bunch of codes floating in cyber space that people are paying thousands of dollars to get a piece of. As such, its value is directly proportional to the in/outflow of fiat currencies in the crypto space. Prices of various coins/tokens fluctuate by how many people are willing to buy these coins/tokens with their fiat currencies. For mass adoption to be achieved, the government needs to have control over the fiat-crypto link. It’s as simple as this, the more control a government has over cryptocurrencies, the more freedom cryptocurrencies get to operate. For citizens/residents, we can help cryptocurrencies gain adoption by showing the government that cryptocurrencies can play a vital role in the growth of the economy. The government needs money to run its affairs and one way the government earns money is through taxes. Citizens/residents can help cryptocurrency gain mass adoption by creating businesses around cryptocurrency and following the various laws of such countries/states which includes tax paying. There are billions in dollars in the cryptocurrency space, and accepting cryptocurrencies in your business increases your chances of growing your business from a few cents to billions of dollars in revenue and taxes paid from such revenue is music to the governments ears. That is why we are writing this post, to show you a few businesses that anyone can start anywhere and make a profit accepting cryptocurrencies.


In no particular order, let us look at Top Ten Businesses Anyone, Anywhere Can Start And Accept Cryptocurrencies.

Top Ten Businesses Anyone, Anywhere Can Start And Accept Cryptocurrencies.

Recording Studios: 

Red Bull Studio

The music industry as you may already know is the biggest industry in the world, with people cashing in billions in dollars annually. Music has been a part of human existence and will be a part of human existence till the end of time, as such, music will always be in demand.  Music is also a universal commodity as people from all around the world and from all works of life listen to music. Politicians, doctors, lawyers, police officers, bus drivers, plumbers, divers, architects, pilots, electricians, the young, the middle aged, the elderly, boys, girls everyone listens to music. Music will always have an endless line of consumers, as such, the earning potential of music is limitless. However, for music to be acceptable, there must be people willing to make music at a professional level; professional singers, drummers, producers, audio engineers etc. and all these professionals come together in a specialised facility called a “Recording Studio” to make music. While a Recording Studio can be used for other purposes other than making music, we are particularly interested in music production in this post. If you are in the music business or know a thing or two about the music business, you may already know that recording one song can cost anywhere from $100 to about $20,000, maybe even more depending on the complexity of arrangement, level of skill, knowledge of material, scope and scale of project, cost of professional services, goals for the project etc. So what is the relationship between music and cryptocurrencies you may ask. The entire cryptocurrency universe yearns for mass adoption, not entirely because every crypto user wishes to be able spend their coins in the real life, but because of the rise in price on cryptocurrencies that will come with mass adoption. With cryptocurrency breaking into the multi billion dollar music industry, crypto prices are bound to “go to the moon” and as you may already know, there is a business aspect to the music industry and the primary goal of every business is to make profit. As such, music related businesses such as a recording studio will also see a huge increase in revenue as integrating cryptocurrencies will open doors for more earning potential.


Photo Studios:

photo studio with white wooden framed wall mirror
Photo by Alexander Dummer on

We all love a good photo, either of ourselves, a friend, cat, dog, car, dress, phones jewellery etc and one place to get a good photograph is in a photo studio. A photo studio is a workspace to take, develop, print and duplicate photographs and with the rise of technology, a photo studio can be equipped with the most sophisticated equipment to provide the best possible quality. The services of a professional photo studio will always be in demand. There will always be the need to take good photos, whether for a special event such as a wedding, or for professional purposes such as a photo shoot in the fashion industry,  a professional photo studio will always deliver. Accepting cryptocurrencies in your photo studio is not only cool but can also be very addictive as customers can literally empty their wallets on a session. Ever imagined what it will feel like to have your photo taken in a professional photo studio and paying for instance, with Litecoin? Well, we have and it will be AWESOME Accepting cryptocurrencies in your photo studio will not just make you more money but will be a blessing to the cryptocurrency universe.

Car Dealership:


Buying a new car, awesome. Buying a new car with coins you’ve stored for years with value growing from a few dollars to a couple thousand dollars? SUPER, MEGA AWESOME. Let’s be honest for a second, storing cryptocurrencies over a long period of time requires guts, lots and lots of guts as you constantly have to worry about the safety of your coins (at all times), the ever fluctuating prices and the possibility of loosing all your coins when exchanging your coins back to your local currency. However, storing your coins over a long period of time and being able to spend those coins in the real world such as towards buying a car can be very very satisfying. You may not have noticed but saving cryptocurrencies is a lot easier than saving fiat currencies. This means saving towards buying a car can be a lot easier with cryptocurrencies. If you have engaged with cryptocurrencies for at least a year, you must have heard the phrase “When Lambo?” Lamborghinis, the “Lambo” has become the outward symbol for cryptocurrencies as a huge number of crypto users dream to one day, get rich enough in cryptocurrencies to buy a Lamborghini – a new car. We already have millionaires in cryptocurrencies today who MAY not think twice before spending their coins on a new car. This does not just come with possession of millions in cryptocurrencies but with the satisfaction of knowing one can actually buy a new car with his/her coins. So if you are a car dealer, you may Really REally want to consider accepting cryptocurrencies. Don’t know what coins to accept? You can check out our post on Top Ten eCommerce Friendly Coins – 2018 to get a good idea of what coins to start with.


Real Estate:


No matter where you find yourself in the world today, the story with real estate remains the same. Some people lived in rented apartments all their life, some lived in rented apartments but later built and moved into their own houses, some bought a house but later lost it and so on. They say the three basic needs of man are food, shelter and clothing, but we live in a world today where the three basic needs of man are now food, shelter and shelter. Being able to buy a house with cryptocurrency is not just a plus to the cryptocurrency space but a blessing.

Gadget Shops:


Incase you didn’t know, when you talk cryptocurrencies, you talk high tech. Like we said earlier, cryptocurrencies are just a bunch of codes floating in cyber space that people are paying billions in dollars to get a piece of. If cryptocurrencies exist only in cyber space, then you need some really real high tech gadgets to engage with cryptocurrencies. A lot of us had ABSOLUTELY no idea what a graphics card was until we heard of cryptocurrency mining. A lot of us had ZERO idea of the value of the number of cpu cores our PCs had, suddenly, it mattered cause we needed to mine cryptocurrencies. Matter of fact, cryptocurrency mining has gotten so difficult that you now need the most sophisticated gadgets in the market today to make a profit from mining. Not a cryptocurrency miner? What about trading? There are thousands of cryptocurrency traders all over the world today and they all need 1, 2 or more pieces of gadgets to trade cryptocurrencies profitably. This may include a wider screen monitor to better track price movements, or a faster internet connection to be able to keep up with the per second price changes. The list goes on and on. We believe it is safe to say cryptocurrency is high tech. With that been said, I think it is also safe to say it will be a very unwise decision if you sell these gadgets but are yet to accept cryptocurrencies.


Internet Based Businesses :


Like we said earlier, cryptocurrencies are just floating on the internet, as such, it will not just be wise but profitable to startup businesses that are internet related to cryptocurrency users. There are tons of internet based businesses that can be created to render internet related services to crypto users and accept cryptocurrencies. These may include but not limited to trading/exchange services, hosting services, SaaS businesses, eCommerce services, SEO services, marketing services, website building/hosting services etc. These services do not only make engaging in cryptocurrencies easier, they also help cryptocurrencies to achieve what currently seems to be it’s greatest goal – mass adoption. Ever imagined what it would have been like if there were no cryptocurrency exchange services available today? Ever imagined what it would have been like if there were no online wallet service providers? All these are internet based businesses and can help get cryptocurrencies from here it is to where it wants to be.



We know it feels good to have some coins in our wallets, feels better to be able to spend our coins on things that make us feel even good”er” but will feel way good”est” to pay for some tasty! tasty!! meal with our coins. Burgers, pizza, shrimps, fries, donuts etc. There are people in the world today who love and value their coins and there are people who love good food. Being able to pay for what we love with another thing we love, that has got to be the best feeling in the world. Additionally, there are crypto related events being organised around the world every single month. Meet-ups, conferences, festivals etc which brings together crypto lovers/enthusiasts. Being able to pay for their food and drinks during these events with cryptocurrencies not only adds to the experience but gives such event organisers the chance to promote local restaurants accepting cryptos.


Barber Shops:


People will always want to look good and a part of that is having good looking hair. There is a common saying that “Looking Good Is Good Business” and this has been proven over and over again. With people around the world spending billions of dollars on hair and hair products annually, this is definitely an industry worth looking at. With billions of dollars in cryptocurrencies circulating in the crypto space, accepting cryptocurrencies in a barbers shop will grant you an additional stream of income. We don’t really know much about barber shops but we do know one thing, if people spend a lot of fiat currencies on hair and hair products, they will also spend some coins on the same.

Tattoo Shop:

Angry Monkey Tattoo Shop

There are at least 1000 people with tattoos in every single country of the world today. With that number comes a huge earning opportunity, with tattoo shops being setup around the world. There are also at least 1000 people in every country of the world who know a thing or two about cryptocurrencies. Many times, people get inked to honour someone or something. And it’s true what they say, people usually grow addicted to the pain. Tattoo collectors get inked because there is an artist they feel compelled to get work from. Sometimes you and your bestie are simply bored and wind up in a tattoo shop. Whatever your reason, you got the ink and you’re proud of it (we hope). You may spend your coins buying a house, a car, paying for a tasty meal and so on, but for people who love getting inked, paying for a tattoo with your coins may just be your best crypto experience ever. There are lots of people out there looking for this experience. As a tattoo shop owner, wouldn’t you want to give people this experience while making a profit on the way?


Mobile App/Software Development Company:


Technology is gradually changing the way we interact with the world around us, with more advanced and sophisticated gadgets being introduced to the world. As sophisticated as these gadgets may be, there are now software/apps being developed from time to time to operate such gadgets (hardwares). A good example are apps developed to control a car. An app can now start/turn off your car, turn on/off the air conditioners, turn on/off the headlamps and so on. An app can now turn off/on your TVs/PCs, tell you the weather and so on. Apps are being developed every day to make life easy. As an app/software developer, you can develop apps for cryptocurrency users around the world with a good example being an app that can give you information about the above mentioned businesses/services, an app to help cryptocurrency users get real time price updates. The best part of it all is getting paid to offer such apps/softwares to an ever increasing population of crypto users.


The truth of the matter is, there are people out there who are more than willing to spend their coins on a good/service but they don’t even know it yet, you just have to show them. Secondly, to maximise earning potential, businesses should be open to letting customers choose their preferred payment method as customers who wish to pay with a debit/credit card will take their business to businesses accepting their payment method. Whether you are a multinational or a startup, every dollar should matter to your business. Don’t loose money to competitors because you couldn’t offer a customers preferred payment method. IF customers are willing (and we can prove that they are) to pay with cryptocurrencies, you may want to look into that.

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