2018 In Review

Hi there!

Welcome to 2019!!! We are super excited about the new year and what it holds for us, both as a company and as individuals. At the start of every year, we all have big expectations of what the year may hold as we look to execute plans and ideas we have had in the previous year. Plans like launching a new product, service, starting a new business, getting a new job, moving to a new apartment, getting a new car, plans of marriage, plans to stay healthy and so on and so forth. We all make plans and hope to execute in the months to come and have high expectations of if or if not we can make these plans a success. However, we at Sheldon Trinity have learnt that things don’t always go as planned, no matter how long and carefully you plan, things can still fall out of place in ways we never anticipated, as such we believe its safe to say; you can never be fully prepared. We have also learnt that executing a plan can be over 10x harder as there can always be a tendency of an error/mishap which could partially/completely ruin the plan. We believe one way to reduce difficulties in executing a plan is to collect and analyse as much information as possible. That way, you have an idea of what the possible outcome might be during execution. That is why we are writing this post.


Wrapping Up 2018 & Going Beyond in 2019!

2018 was a jam-packed year for us at Sheldon Trinity and we’ve got a great deal to celebrate when we look back at the year, from new, partnerships and store launches and much more. On the 28th of February 2018, we launched a second store for customers in France, Germany, Italy, and Spain. With the launch of the new store, we were able to extend our services to new territories and bring new means to spend cryptocurrencies to Europe.

In 2018, sheldon.store grew from accepting about 50 coins to over 500 coins and tokens. We also sealed new partnerships with 3 crypto-fiat exchange services which enabled us accept even more coins/tokens. Some new coins added to Sheldon Store in 2018 include Syndicate coin (#SYNX), SNOV token, Token Pay (#TPAY), Deviant Coin (#DEV), Binance Coin (#BNB), CloackCoin (#CLOAK), the list goes on.

With all this going on, there were noticeable changes in revenue across all our stores – Sheldon Store (sheldon.store), Sheldon Store EU (sheldoneu.store) and our offline stores around the world. At Sheldon Trinity, we know the importance of data and we listen to our data, as such, we pay attention to every little change.

As 2019 kicks off we want to share some records from the past year with you. We want to take a few minutes to show you how some very popular coins performed in 2018. This we believe may be useful to merchants/businesses looking to venture into accepting cryptocurrencies even as 2019 kicks off.

Coin/Token Perfomance – 2018

This data has been collected from Sheldon Store (sheldon.store) and Sheldon Store EU (sheldoneu.store) for the period of January 1st – December 31st 2018. Conversions from other currencies to USD was done on the 1st of January 2019 based on market prices at the time.

Deviant Coin – DEV

TokenPay – TPAY

Syndicate Coin – SYNX



We are unable to give any further explanation at this time as to possible reasons behind the rise and fall shown in the charts, but one thing we can do is analyse this information. With Bitcoin – BTC, we believe changes in revenue may have something to do with the changes in market prices as people tend to spend more Bitcoin – BTC when market prices fall and spend less when market prices rise. This we believe may also have something to do with the rise and fall in transaction fees.

With Syndicate Coin – SYNX, we believe the move from one blockchain to another which occurred sometime in May caused a fall in the amount of Syndicate Coin spent as shown in the chart above.

Like earlier said, we are unable to give any further information at this time on the possible cause in amount of coins/token spent. What we can do however is further analyse the information we just shared with you to have a better understand of how, why and when people spend cryptocurrencies. We will make that report available on this blog once we have it. If you wish to see that report when published, do remember to follow this blog and our social media accounts.

If you liked this post or found the information provided here useful, kindly click on the share button and drop your comments in the comments box below. You can also check out our stores for a range of products and services here> sheldon.store & sheldoneu.store

Thank you for reading, hope to see you again next time…

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