CPS Coin By CoinPayments, Now On Sheldon Store/Sheldon Store – EU

*Please do not place an order using CPS coin on any of our stores without reading this.


When we say Sheldon Store is the biggest online store for cryptocurrency users, we don’t just mean the size of products we have or the range of services we offer. We say we are the biggest online store for cryptocurrency users because we give the most option to spend a wide range of coins and tokens on a wide range of products and services both on our stores and other stores and platforms as well. While there are already hundreds of coins and tokens supported on both our stores, another notable addition to the list of supported coins/tokens will be CoinPayments very own CPS coin. This is a very big deal for us as this will make us one of the very few merchants using CoinPayments as cryptocurrency payment processor to accept and support payments with CPS coin. With thousands of businesses from all around the world using CoinPayments as their preferred cryptocurrency payment service provider, only a handful are available on the store directory of businesses accepting CPS coin, with Sheldon Store and Sheldon Store – EU now joining the list.

Some of you may already know this but Bitcoin is popular today not because it has the strongest most secure code, nor the fastest transactions or the most private transactions. Bitcoin is as popular as it is today because people are willing to spend their real traditional fiat currencies to get some Bitcoins. Meaning, Bitcoin is as popular as it is today because people are willing to buy Bitcoins with their real traditional fiat currencies. With that said, we believe it is safe to say cryptocurrency is only as valuable as the number of people willing to use their traditional currencies to get some. The Crypto > Fiat Fiat < Crypto chain has to be maintained for cryptocurrency to remain valuable otherwise, cryptocurrency will turn to what the crypto universe calls, “Dust.” Today, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of exchanges all over the world in the business of making sure the Crypto/Fiat link is maintained with thousands of coins/tokens being listed daily. However, with the CoinPayments CPS coin, there are literally no known exchanges where the CPS coin is being traded on today which makes CPS coin more of a “DUSTCOIN” if we may.


Over the past 6 months (or so), we have had hundreds of emails and requests from people all over the world asking if they could buy items on our store and pay with CPS coin, we have been asked severally if and when we will add CPS coin to our store just so they can get some value for their coins, well guess what? That is what we do at Sheldon Store; we give Value To Cryptocurrency and today, we are pleased to inform the whole world that you can now exchange your CPS coins not for Bitcoins but for real live goods and services. We are pleased to inform you that CPS coin has now been added as a payment option on Sheldon Store and Sheldon Store – EU.

Using CPS Coin On Sheldon Store/Sheldon Store – EU

While adding CPS coin to Sheldon Store/Sheldon Store – EU is expected to be challenging with no known means to exchange CPS coin to Bitcoin/USD, we have taken this decision to meet the requests of several customers/prospects to get some value for their CPS coins. But before placing an order and paying with CPS coin, please read the following.

  1. We are still testing the possible use cases for the CPS coin. As such, we do not guarantee the CPS coin will be accepted on our stores for long.
  2. With CPS coin not being traded on any known exchange, this makes CPS coin prices to be highly volatile. Due to this, we have added a 30% padding fee to payments with CPS coin. This will be reviewed from time to time.
  3. Orders placed and paid for with CPS coin MAY be delayed up to 4 days.
  4. Orders placed and paid for with CPS coins MAY be refunded and associating orders cancelled.
  5. We MAY refuse to process orders or render services paid for with CPS coin at our discretion in which case, a refund will be issued.

If you are willing to accept these conditions, please feel free to start shopping at any of our stores and pay with CPS coin. If you have any questions, please write to the support team of our various stores or use the Contact page.


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