Complete List Of Accepted Coins/Tokens On Sheldon Store/ Sheldon Store – EU

Last Updated 11-04-2019

You most probably don’t know this, but accepting cryptocurrencies in a business is a lot harder than you may think. A whole lot goes on behind just sending a few coins to a merchant as payment for a good/service. As merchants, you constantly have to deal with the ever evolving crypto universe, from protecting customers from possible crypto scams (there is a lot of these going on) to choosing the right crypto currency payment gateway service provider, to ensuring safety of customer funds from payment to service delivery (refund as the case may be) to choosing the right exchange services, to dealing with ever volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, “YADA YADA YADA” the list is endless.


There has always been and probably always will be a debate on which is better, accepting/making payments with fiat/local currencies VS accepting/making payments with cryptocurrencies. Truth is, they both have PROS and CONS to consider while trying to decide which is better and which is not. This post is not about any of that so let’s just move on. While accepting payments in fiat/customers local currency may be as easy as receiving funds and withdrawing to a bank account (cash payments as the case may be) and also not having to deal with changes in exchange rates as you get $1 in the bank for a $1 payment made by a customer, with cryptocurrencies you need to first, work with a reputable cryptocurrency exchange service and then go on to deal with other factors such as safely exchanging from one coin/token to the other. Also with cryptocurrencies, for a $1 payment made by a customer, chances are you may end up with as low as $0.40 in the bank as cryptocurrency prices are highly volatile.

We are not trying to paint cryptocurrencies as the bad guy here or try to make it seem like it is almost a bad idea accepting cryptocurrencies as payment in your business. We are just saying, if you are looking to accept cryptocurrencies as payment in your business, you have to be ready to do the hard work. Accepting cryptocurrencies as payment in your business may be difficult but can also be highly rewarding.

At Sheldon Stores, we have decided to put in the hard work because we believe its worth it. Five years ago, a lot of people claimed free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies from tons of available cryptocurrency faucets but found it difficult getting real value for their coins by exchanging to their local currencies or buying stuff with earned coins. Heck, in Europe, people could barely do anything with cryptocurrencies. For this reason was Sheldon Store born, to help people from different parts of the world get real value for their coins through paying for real live goods and services with their coins.

Accepting cryptocurrency as payment in a business may be difficult but we are up to the challenge, that is why we have decided to make cryptocurrencies our primary payment method on our stores. This is why we exercise extreme caution in choosing what coins/tokens are accepted on our stores. As much as we wish to stick with accepting payments with coins/tokens we can work with, we have received lots of email proposals asking to add certain coins/tokens as payment on our store.


We are super passionate about giving our customers the ability to pay for goods and services with as many coins/tokens as they wish to make payments in, that is why we have decided to share a complete list of coins/tokens accepted on all our stores so customers know what coin they can make payments in. In short, we now accept payment with all coins available on CoinPayments and a few others not on CoinPayments. If it is on CoinPayments, it most probably is on Sheldon Store. If you do not see a coin you wish to make payments with, kindly contact the store for which you wish to make a payment with the proposed coin/token or choose “Pay With Other Coins” at the check out page.

With that being said, here is the list of coins/tokens accepted on all our stores. This list is updated from time to time to time, so do check back for an updated list.

Automatic Payments Processed By CoinPayments

BitCoin – BTC

LiteCoin – LTC

Bitcoin Cash – BCH

Bytecoin – BCN

Bean Cash – BEAN

BlackCoin – BLK

BNB Coin – BNB

Breakout – BRK

Bitcoin SV – BSV

Bitcoin Adult – BTAD

Payments Processed Manually By Choosing “Pay With Other Coins” on Check Out Page

SyndicateCoin – SYNX

Aeternity – AE

AppCoins – APPC


Aeron – ARN

aXpire – AXPR


Bela – BELA

Bankcoin Cash – BKC

Snovio – SNOV

Bitcoin Gold – BTG

BitTorrent – BTT

CloakCoin – CLOAK

ClubCoin – CLUB

Crown – CRW

CrypticCoin – CRYP

CryTrExCoin – CRYT

CureCoin – CURE

Dash – DASH

DeviantCoin – DEV

DigiByte – DGB

Dogecoin – DOGE

eBoost – EBST


Ether Classic – ETC

Ether – ETH

Electroneum – ETN


EventChain – EVC

Expanse – EXP


Goldcoin – GLC

Groestlcoin – GRS

Gemini dollar – GUSD

Komodo – KMD

Loki – LOKI


MaidSafeCoin – MAID

MonetaryUnit – MUE

NAV Coin – NAV


Namecoin – NMC


Omni – OMNI

PotCoin – POT

Peercoin – PPC

ProCurrency – PROC

Pura – PURA


Qtum – QTUM

Ripple – XRP

RevolutionVR – RVR

Steem Dollars – SBD

Siambitcoin – sBTC

SkinCoin – SKIN

SmartCash – SMART

Sirin – SRN


Stratis – STRAT

Syscoin – SYS

Tether USD (Omni Layer) – USDT

TokenPay – TPAY



Ubiq – UBQ

UniversalCurrency – UNIT


Vertcoin – VTC

Waves – WAVES

Webcoin – WEB

Counterparty – XCP


Monero – XMR


ZCoin – XZC

ZCash – ZEC

Horizen – ZEN

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