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What Is Sheldon Store?

  • Sheldon Store is an online store created to offer goods and services strictly for cryptocurrency users. It is an online store that gives cryptocurrency users a place to spend their cryptocurrencies on real life goods and services.

What Can I Buy On Sheldon Store?

  • We currently sell mostly gift cards on Sheldon Store. Gift cards include Hotels.com gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Netflix gift cards, Panda Express gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Nike gift cards, AirBnB gift cards, iTunes/App Store gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Uber gift cards, Papa John’s Pizza gift cards, Sephora gift cards etc. You can also top up your prepaid mobile phones. Over 200 supported mobile network operators in 140 countries. More items are also added from time to time.

What Payment Options Are Available?

  • Sheldon Store was created specifically for cryptocurrency user. As such, we only accept cryptocurrencies as payment.

What Cryptocurrencies Are Supported?

  • At Sheldon Store, we are looking to accept as many cryptocurrencies as possible. This is the list of cryptocurrencies we accept at the moment. We accept Bitcoin – BTC, Litecoin – LTC, Bitcoin Cash – BCH, Bytecoin – BCN, BlackCoin – BLK, BreakOut – BRK, Dash – DASH, Digibyte – DGB, Dogecoin – DOGE, eBoost – EBST, Ethereum Classic – ETC, Ethereum – ETH, Expanse – EXP, Komodo – KMD, Lisk – LSK, Monetary Unit – MUE, NAV Coin – NAV, NEO – NEO, NameCoin – NMC, PIVX – PIVX, PotCoin – POT, PeerCoin – PPC, Ripple – XRP, Steem Dollars – SBD, SmartCash – SMART, STEEM – STEEM, Syndicate Coin – SYNX, Syscoin – SYS, Vertcoin – VTC, Waves – WAVES, CounterParty – XCP, NEM – XEM, Monero – XMR, VERGE – XVG, ZCoin – XZC, ZCash – ZEC, ZenCash – ZEN

How Genuine Are The Gift Cards At Sheldon Store? What Is Your Source?

  • All gift cards are gotten from smile.amazon.com an alternative Amazon.com website. As such you get exactly what you pay for.

How Do I place An Order?

  • To place an order simply type the URL: https://www.sheldon.store into you browser or click HERE to visit our store – Browse through the list of items available – Click on the item you wish to buy to see details – Type in the quantity you wish to buy in the “Quantity” box – Click on “Add To Bag” If you wish to add more items to your bag, click on the “Continue Shopping” button and repeat the previous steps. If you are satisfied with items in your bag, click on the check box above the “CheckOut” button and then click on “CheckOut” – Choose your preferred payment method, type in a valid email address (this is where your ordered items are sent, please provide a valid email address as we will not be responsible for loss of funds due to invalid details provided) – Click on “Continue” to review your order or follow the instructions in the next page to place your order. Optionally, you can watch this video on how to place an order: How To Place An Order

I Just Placed An Order, What Happens Now?

  • Once your order has been paid for, our system sends the paid order to our sales department where it will be processed and delivered to the email address you provided earlier.

Are Orders Processed And Delivered Manually Or Automatically?

  • All orders are processed manually by a sales representative.

Why Are Orders Processed And Delivered Manually?

  • All orders are processed and delivered manually because (i) Our gift cards are stored offline and are accessed by authorized sales personnel only. This is to ensure all gift cards are still valid/un-redeemed upon delivery. (ii) Payment for orders need to first be verified before the order is accepted/processed. (iii) Auto delivery functions in the past have been abused. To prevent further abuse, we disabled auto delivery.

How Long Do Order Processing/Delivery Take?

  • Order processing/delivery times depend on a few factors. (i) Total volume of order. The bigger the volume, the longer it takes to process. (ii) Order number. Orders are queued according to order numbers, so how fast an order is processed depends on the number of orders before it. (iii) Third party. We use the services of some third parties to render our services. As such, once there is an issue with a third party, orders tend to be delayed. For instance, if a coin a customer pays with goes on maintenance on CoinPayments after payment, we are are unable to access the funds and that order becomes delayed.

I Need Assistance, Who Do I Talk To?

  • If you need any assistance or have questions, kindly send an email to support@sheldon.store and you will get the assistance you deserve.